Belling the cat

One generation of a mouse, and decided to come up with plan to exterminate mice. Visos think but plans were then nevike a young mouse got up and said to have a plan that we hang the bells and cats when they come, we come pasislepsim. The other surprise in old mice, the mouse got up and said that it was a good plan but what Tom Executioner hooking bells.
What does this story teach me? It is learned that mice hate cat.  

 1.Thraught the net - internetu - when the computer goes through to the online search for new information.
2.Manul - žinynas - there looking for information about everything.
3.Glacier - ledynas - there is very cold.
4.Trained - dresuotas - how to learn new things such as dog.
5.Blind - aklas - When a person does not see anything.
6.Smuggle - gabenti kontrabanda - when being transported or shipped drugs or anything like this.
7.Embroider - siuvineti - some embroider any manuscripts.
8.Maid - tarnaite - she is preparing to eat rooms managed by comparing clothes, etc.

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