The king's Nightingale

Gaudy is a small bird. She sings very nicely. China once he was sitting by the window and read a book I once heard a nightingale sing and then he ordered his servants to fetch it. They searched everywhere. Finally, they found it given near the lake. When they brought it to China King shut it down the golden cage. When you close the Gaudy he sang every day and they were happy. In any other country the king sent a gift of toy it was a nightingale. The toy Gaudy sang to him every day for five . And he forgot the true nightingale. And it flew out the window. And one day toy Gaudy broke and stopped singing. Then called to repair and said that it is a very old one can sing it once a year. The king was sad, and he fell ill. Giditojas then went and told the king died. Suddenly, he heard singing outside the window Gaudy and then again it was good. 

                                                         What does the story teach us?

1.Ordered - Užsakomas - without prior agreement about any arrival.
2.Seemed -  Atrodė - appeared in any thing.
3.Repair - Remontas - the repair of any buildings or similar.
4.Bed - Lova - the object on which lie and sleep.
5.Cage -  Narvas - there such a thing where you can keep birds.
6.Screws - Varžtai -which can be twisted what kind of things that he breaks down.
7.Servants - Tarnautojai - those people who are responsible to anyone.
8.Sitting - Posėdis - age when many people and talks about serious issues.
9.Jewels - Brangakmenis - a very expensive stone for which he may get a lot of money.
10.Sent - Laiškų - when people write to each other in living a long distance phone and do not.

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